Advantanges of Acrylic Fabrication

Acrylic fabrication is the way toward changing a piece of an acrylic sheet into an alternate type of item like a coffee table or letterings for signage. To achieve this, will restrict specific devices and equipment. More often than not, an acrylic fabrication company’s capabilities will be limited by the equipment they have. Moreover, a wide scope of things can be made utilizing acrylic. There are various techniques and cycles associated with acrylic fabrication. With the different techniques and methods accessible today, the quantity of potential things that can be formed using acrylic fabrication is getting boundless. It is one industry that will positively be required well into what's to come.

Source is an acrylic fabrication company in Dubai, UAE which specializes in POP displays. The company’s aim is to catch the high-growth acrylic market in the UAE through excellence in quality, service, and customer loyalty. We offer end-to-end product design, designing, tooling, and plastics production services. We take pride not just in the quality of our acrylic fabrication work however the conveyance of our clients' requests on schedule. To supplement the materials that we use, We had likewise set up a state of the art manufacturing facility with a clean room producing the highest quality acrylic items. At Source, acrylic fabrication company in Dubai, we additionally use advanced equipment and machinery that are taken care of by our accomplished specialists to ensure the highest quality and innovative products there can be. We can design and manufacture various acrylic products, such as kiosks shelves, display stands, jewelry, and show racks for mobile phones, etc. In addition, we also produce medals, price stands, calendars, photo frames, and other related products for restaurants and shopping malls.

We can plan and make diverse acrylic items, for instance, booths racks, show stands, and show racks for cell phones, desserts, gems, and so forth Likewise, we moreover produce decorations, value stands, photograph outlines, schedules, and other related items for cafés and shopping centers.

What’s so incredible about acrylic fabrication

  1. Extremely Versatile

  2. Strength and durability

  3. Lightweight

  4. Gorgeous aesthetic options

  5. Resistant to heat and cold for outdoor use

  6. Virtually unlimited malleability

Acrylic comes in sheets, rods, tubes, and film that can be formed into any shape. Clear or translucent acrylic gives the look of glass, without the weight or delicacy. You can add color or surface to make practically any customized effect that mixes with your stylistic theme or gives a sharp differentiation that makes merchandise items stand out in greater relief. Acrylic is anything but difficult to shape, immediately actualized, and fairly low cost because there is no lengthy tooling to be developed.

Extremely Durable

Retail fixtures that don’t last are not a good investment. Acrylic might be lightweight, but at the same time, it's one intense client. It's sufficiently able to hold heavyweight, and it can withstand actual effects without making or breaking  – up to 10x the effect contrasted with different materials. These characteristics make it ideal for enclosed display cases as well as open racking or table-style units.

Gorgeous aesthetic options

Acrylic is clear, which makes it a great choice for glass. Acrylic can likewise be hued or colored. It tends to be done to seem clear, carved, obscure or reflected. Furthermore, extraordinary coatings make it impervious to scratching, misting, or glare.  In general, acrylic lends itself wonderfully to each possible store décor,  from the most fundamental, to the height of rich advancement.

Unlimited malleability

Acrylic is flexible. It comes in sheets and tubing that can be formed or secured together into basically any level, angled, or rounded shape. You can build fixtures, containers, and props that are illuminated, front-lit, or rack lit. They can be minuscule or immense, fixed, or versatile. 

As a result of its malleability, it's amazingly adjustable. While you can discover various kinds of acrylic instant fixtures, consider the way that only custom store fixtures, point of purchase displays, and props can remarkably convey your store brand. Acrylic fabrication lets you be you, so your entire store stands out distinctly from your competition.


Indeed, even thick sheets of acrylic are lighter than different materials of comparable size. That settles on it the most ideal decision for blend and-match display units you need to move around your store or reconfigure to make various kinds of displays.