Advantages of Utilizing the Acrylic Display Stands

At Source, we specialize in acrylic fabrication for all special and retail location prerequisites inside Dubai. Upheld by an expert group of creators and fabricators, we are fit for conceiving and making everything from over-sized wall panel displays to simple corrugated display stands. 

The acrylic display provides a cost-effective way to display your products in an elegant layout. Acrylic displays everything from shoe displays, cosmetics displays, clothing apparel displays, mirrors, literature displays, jewelry displays, showcases, ballot boxes, sign holders, pedestals, cell phone displays, collection boxes, shelf displays, eyewear displays, risers, easels, and much more. We are your reliable supplier for custom and stock point of purchase displays.

Display stands are accessible in an assortment of materials like acrylic, metal, glass, and wood. A normal stand generally cherished by retailers is the acrylic stands. They give an ideal and direct look and a significantly adaptable option for demonstrating a wide scope of stock.

Here are four advantages of utilizing the acrylic display stands 


Acrylic material gives a specialist and clean appearance. Since the material is adequately shaped, the stands show up in a collection of structures, for instance, the holders, divider mounts, racks, stands, and cases. These display stands are climate-safe, so an ideal decision to show things inside or out. Regardless of the way that it is basic to hold up under as a first concern, the acrylic material can turn a yellow shading whenever left presented to normal daylight for drawn out stretches of time.

Shading choices are another unimaginable component of the acrylic stands. In spite of the way that the transparent stands are the most widely recognized, it is possible to get these stands in a choice of hues to enhance the thing or show features.


Acrylic display stands offer probably the lightest choice concerning indicating stock at the craftsmanship or public presentations. Metal or wooden stands make certain to be more earnestly to manage while indicating things in a  temporary area. Nonetheless,  the acrylic material is much of the time exceptionally easy to scratch, so it looks good to package intentionally prior to moving.

Simple to Clean

Cleaning the acrylic material is an essential method. Abstain from utilizing normal cleaning since this could destroy and stain the material. Rather utilize a specific against static multi-reason cleaner to ensure the acrylic is kept clean consistently. Utilize paper tissues or a delicate wipe to abstain from scratching the display stand. Cleaning with the specific cleaning plan should be adequate to keep up the ideal appearance, while it is furthermore imperative to clean regularly.

We have an experienced in-house acrylic fabrication team that can deliver quality work at reasonable prices, on time, every time.Are you in search of a reliable company to cater to your acrylic fabrication needs? So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help with marketing needs or to know more about our acrylic display stands in Dubai.