3 Best Rooms to Install Wall to Wall Carpets

Wall to wall carpets, also known as "broadloom carpets" or "fitted carpets" , is a type of carpeting which covers a given space in a couple of pieces – or even one single piece – instead of a few pieces spread out to make your flooring. This is the thing that makes the consistent look for which wall to wall carpeting is known. Wall to wall carpet installation can be intended to stick straightforwardly on subfloors, however more frequently, they're laid on underfelt over the substrate flooring and connected utilizing little tacks.

Wall to wall carpeting procures its title from the manner in which it's made: in long, wide rolls of carpets. Regularly considered as an excellent arrangement, wall to wall carpets turn out best for projects with huge plan aspirations or for huge floor surfaces. 

With a wide variety of qualities to choose from - which differ in fibre type, construction and price - as well as a number of carpet backing options - which vary in acoustic properties, comfort, durability and price - it’s not hard to find wall-to-wall carpets that will meet the needs of any project.

With a wide assortment of characteristics to browse - which contrast in fiber type, construction  and cost - just as various carpet backing alternatives - which shift in acoustic properties, solace, sturdiness and cost - it's not elusive to find wall-to-wall carpets that will address the needs of any project.

Here we are discussing the 3 best rooms to use wall to wall carpets. They are


Our favorite place to see wall-to-wall carpeting is in a bedroom. Benefits of using wall to wall carpets in a bedroom are:

1. Soft and easy underfoot

2. Extra sound absorption (for a quieter night’s sleep)

3. Naturally cozy

4. Adds textural definition to the design

Not everyone will agree but you can even layer area carpets over your carpeting for more depth and personalization. 


Playrooms or toy rooms are also excellent candidates for carpeting. Children can enjoy hanging out on the floor and you don't need to stress over little feet slipping on a hard surface. We love wall to wall carpet installation in kids rooms that have regular wear because it cleans well and won’t mat easily, especially with a top-notch pad underneath. 


When it comes to main living areas,it has been very basic to put carpeting in family rooms, lobbies, parlors, and workplaces. The minor imperfection with this is on the grounds that these regions get such a lot of traffic, you'll sooner see the carpeting wear. Living or family rooms are the only spaces that could withstand the high-traffic as you invest the greater part of your energy sitting in these rooms. They add a layer of delicate quality, warmth, and sound ingestion, which benefits the remainder of the home when that one relative has the TV volume on full blast…

For other main living areas like hallways and offices, a fool-proof solution for worn out carpeting is area rugs. Rather than a lasting delicate covering, pick a hard surfaced floor and spot a portable, replaceable wall to wall carpets where you'd like a little cushion.

If your project requires large-scale patterning or custom designs, wall to wall carpets are certainly the option you’ll want to go with. Call us today for assistance with your wall to wall carpet installation  project. No matter where you are in the process - from idea to unique wall to wall carpets solution- we’re here to help!