Artworks And Rugs Curve Hotel
We are based at Ajman and operate all over the UAE.
Artworks And Rugs Curve Hotel, Qatar

We are based at Ajman and operate all over the UAE. Source offers the most sumptuous rugs, from contemporary style to handmade one-offs and traditional Dhurries. Each model is an actual piece of art. We are providing a veritable treasure trove of unique and handcrafted rugs Dubai. Source will be one of your absolute favourite places for rugs in Dubai. We have a really good range of designs all ordered by size and the customer service is second to none. We also have a really lovely collection of uniquely designed rugs, each artisan made and ethically produced. Choose from the range of textured rugs as well as well as flat weave.

Source is a great supplier of rugs Dubai, from runners to large area rugs. We regularly add new designs so it's a good idea to keep an eye on our products. Source is really a great place to find rugs and mats at ridiculously reasonable prices. We are one of the rare places in Dubai where you can find rugs for a thousand dizzies. Our rugs Dubai model is a great little gem. Our rugs are affordable, easy to clean, and have great design. 

We sourced a beautiful piece of rugs for one of my recent projects. Here are our projects on artworks and rugs at hotel Qatar.

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