Carpets Dubai

We provide the best machine weaved and hand-tufted carpets and rugs in the world today. Woven from natural fibers like wool, cotton, and viscose as well as various synthetic blends, each collection offers a diverse selection of beautiful, distinctive designs in today's most sought-after color combinations.

  • Hotel Carpets
  • Corridor Carpets
  • Office Carpets
  • Axminster Carpets
  • Mosque Carpets
  • Wilton Carpets
  • Tufted Carpets
  • Handmade Carpets
  • Nylon Printed Carpets
  • Leather Carpets
  • Artificial Carpets
  • Rugs

Choose from a wide variety of carpet flooring and rugs designs for your living room and bedroom available in various patterns. We have always been known for the quality we deliver with our products. No matter what colors, print, size or material you are looking for, you can find anything and everything from us. Designed and created with extreme love and care, our distinctively stylish collection of carpets Dubai and rugs is sure to add beauty to your home.

Source, the carpet company in dubai is specialist for modern and traditional handmade carpets,& rugs. We are a renowned name in premium quality rugs and carpets Dubai. We take pride in our handcrafted collection of rugs and handmade carpets that can give your home a contemporary or classy look. 

We are versatile in more ways than you think! When it comes to versatility, Source clearly transcends aesthetics. Our products are backed by diverse functionality. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for rugs or carpets for high traffic areas or areas with low to modest traffic, you will find your choice here.  Are you looking for designer carpets for the bedroom? Or, for carpets for the kitchen? Reach out to us with your needs!  

We can ensure that the carpets installed in your location satisfies every requirement from style and performance to maintenance and budget.








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