COVID Protective Sneeze Guard

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 with COVID protective sneeze guard and COVID protective equipments

Sneeze guards work best when they are used alongside other proven methods including enhanced cleaning and hygiene practices, social distancing measures, PPE, and drastic changes in how services are provided, especially in the hard-hit retail and hospitality industries. Get your business ready to safely open with our covid protective sneeze guard, automatic hand sanitizers, inline divider partition, face protection shield, 3 sided countertop safety shield and other COVID protective equipments. 

Protect your organization from the risk of covid infectious disease through our COVID protection sneeze guards and other equipments

For those of us who work, we have made customized antimicrobial acrylic screens for your reception counter, this is to prevent the further spread of covid-19 and to ensure the safety of all employees with our COVID protective sneeze guard.

Customer desks/ Cash counters/  Reception

Acrylic shields install easily and securely at customer counters, cashier stations, deli counters, pharmacies, fuel centers and more to protect employees and customers while completing face-to-face transactions. As the economy re-opens,  shields are ideal for any other high-traffic areas such as bank teller stations, coffee shops, hotel reception desks, and take-out/pick-up locations.

Office / commercial / restaurants

Acrylic shields can be installed between office cubicles to build and extend the wall height between workers for physical distancing, as well as insulate against noise to create a quieter workspace and block damaging ultraviolet rays to prevent interior decor from fading.


For industrial settings such as factories, warehouses and assembly lines, cough and sneeze protective barriers can be placed in between employees standing or sitting in close proximity at work stations.


Shields can be cleaned with surface and sterile wipes, ethanol, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, and dish-washing soap solution, all of which are cleaning agents specifically recommended for the fight against the human coronavirus. Use a porous cloth or sponge to clean. Cleaning instructions are shown in the cleaning tab above.

Do not use clorox bleach, bleach- or quaternary ammonium-based broad spectrum cleaners, or lysol disinfectant spray as they will cause the poly to become brittle.

Turnkey programs

We can provide organizations with a full turnkey solution, whereby specialists will visit customer locations to recommend standardized or customized shields, take measurements, and expedite fulfillment for a comprehensive airborne protection program.

Custom solutions

We  can also be made for customized applications, featuring different size, mounting and caster options, as well as the potential to use different gauge poly and framing materials. Our manufacturing capabilities offers an unlimited range of potential solutions.

COVID protection Sneeze Guards- A quick solution to safeguard your counters with COVID protective equipments

Putting preventive tools in place at your stores, workplaces, food outlets, hospitals, schools etc. is one of the best ways to get back to work safely. COVID protection sneeze guard is one of the tools that can help keep many contagious airborne infections and viruses at bay. It acts as a protective barrier between your employees and customers. The clear acrylic shield allows easy face-to-face communication. The cut-out at the bottom allows easy and safe exchange of products and other things like card machines, cash, etc. It is a very effective yet affordable personal protective equipment for every workplace, business space, or retail store.

Do not put your employees at risk of catching infections when they interact with several customers everyday. Use this COVID protective sneeze guard to help build a shield between them. Places like supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, and other essential businesses that are back to work must take advantage of such tools like this COVID protective equipments. Doing so will also reassure your customers that you are implementing preventive measures to keep them safe.

Get in touch with us for COVID protective sneeze guard and other COVID protective equipments

We have a range of sneeze guards and protective screens available to suit a range of workspaces and budgets so just let us know what you need. You can pick from premade desktop and hanging options, or take advantage of our build to order by providing custom dimensions and specifications. 

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