Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics or vehicle branding is an effective and unique form of outdoor advertising media. It is also known as fleet branding, bus wrapping, van branding, van wrapping, car logo stickers, car logo decals, car vinyl wrap, and vehicle advertisement. It refers to the process of applying vinyl stickers to the body of vehicles to enhance brand visibility and serves as an effective advertising and marketing tool. Fleet graphics come in a variety of forms. Our team consists of professional applicators who are experts at installing vehicle graphics.

In fact, vehicle graphics are a compulsory part of an outdoor advertisement that provides you mobile advertising space to create a huge impact on thousands of your potential customers and help to remind you again of your presence in the market. Vehicle graphics can reach a larger audience with a vehicle wrap than almost any other form of advertising. Turn your company car into a moving billboard designed to promote and grab more attention to create awareness of specific products and services therefore you can boost your sales and market share.  

Vehicle Branding Dubai / Vehicle Graphics Dubai / Vehicle Wrapping Dubai UAE

Make your Vehicle more Popular by using the Vehicle branding Dubai/Vehicle graphics and Design Services in Dubai

Full Wrap Vehicle Branding or Vehicle Graphics Dubai, UAE

A full vehicle wrap covers the entire body of the vehicle with a printed vinyl sticker. The vinyl sticker is designed in such a way so as to fit perfectly around the edges and curves of the vehicle. The vinyl sticker is printed on high resolution using special digital machines. After printing, the sticker is laminated. This is done to protect the colors from fading. The stickers are removable and do not damage the paint on the body of the vehicle.

Half Wrap Vehicle Branding or Vehicle Graphics Dubai, UAE

A half-vehicle wrap as the name suggests covers only certain parts of the vehicle and not the whole body. The stickers may be pasted on the car side doors and car bumper. This is done so to reduce the cost and still maintain brand visibility.

Car branding is an important advertisement tool to enhance your brand awareness. Advertise company cars extremely cost-effective way to promote your brand and corporate identity. It can be categorized in the form of full vehicle wrap or partial wrap. You can choose any type of branding depending on your company’s marketing strategy, budget, and potential customers you want to reach.

Consider some of the following types of vehicle graphics  or vehicle branding Dubai for your company’s vehicles:

  • Car & Truck Wraps
  • Bus Graphics
  • Custom Lettering & Decals
  • Van Graphics

Why use graphics on your moving billboard?

More and more companies are using vehicle graphics as a means to communicate their message and make effective use of potential advertising and branding space. First-class application is key to achieving a long-lasting vehicle graphic. We offer solutions for fleet graphics, bus graphics, truck advertisements, tram graphics, boat graphics, and even aircraft graphics.

SourceMe Technical Services is a well-known company in Dubai providing premium quality vehicle graphics/ branding solutions like car stickers, van graphics, van branding, car signs, car logo printing, bus vinyl wrap, at affordable rates. We offer our services to get advertisement permits from RTA on customer behalf for Dubai registered vehicles.

We are equipped with a highly proficient team of designers that can express ideas of a brand into excellent design work. SourceMe Technical Services – one of the well-known vehicle branding company in Dubai offer a different plethora of vehicle branding or vehicle graphics services. Car designs, van designs, truck designs, and bus designs are created to deliver your brand message by understanding your unique requirements & business needs. So, take your brand to the road with our exemplary vehicle graphics service.

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