Wood Fabrication

We have been building custom store fixtures and displays in wood. Using only state-of-the-art equipment, we give modern wood fabrication in  every basic material. We will work with you  to decide the components that turn out best for your store.

We give custom wood fabrication on schedule and precisely to your specifications. Customize wood from the services we provide. We offer plywood, hardwood, OSB, MDF, and particle board construction. Choose from melamine, high pressure laminate and thermoformed plastic finishes. Other services include Lamination Press, Biesse CNC routers, CNC Large Panel Saw, thermal laminator, automated edge banders  and post-lamination construction.

You can be guaranteed that our wood fabrication process is of exclusive requirements. Our guidelines have led to low rejection rates, high customer satisfaction ratings and timely production schedules. These norms have permitted us to lead custom wood fabrication quickly and efficiently

Trust Top- Grade Wood Fabrication Dubai with Source

Wood provides flexible fabrication solutions. We specialize in wood fabrication. We are serving a wide variety of industries - providing support, competitive pricing and the highest quality on commercial wood fabrication products. We are driven to identify and meet the future needs of today’s commercial wood fabrication market by having state-of-the-art equipment and technology. We endeavor to help our clients in maintaining their competitive advantage with innovative products at a reasonable cost by putting resources into innovation and new processes.

From big to small, we are equipped to deliver you with the highest quality wood fabrication products. From small one-off jobs to large recurring business, customers across Dubai depend on Source for quality components that are manufactured and assembled in our facilities. Our experience and capacity is equipped to handle any size order for wood fabrication, large or small, with a high degree of accuracy that is consistent and timely. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of service for wood fabrication and wooden display through engineering support, short lead times, competitive pricing and guaranteed quality.



1. Store Fixtures & POP Displays


Showroom wooden display stands, custom fixtures and point of purchase displays; laminated shelving, miter folded wooden display boxes and other solutions applying your preferred vinyl and finishes. Scenic fabrication, panel layup and specially designed exhibits for promotions, holiday displays and more.


2. Restaurant and Vending Stations

We help our design partners create separation walls, food display shelving, cabinetry, decorative panels, table tops, trays, and countertops to create the dining experience your customers demand.

3. Medical and Dental Cabinets, Trays and Carts

We provide commercial grade, highly durable trays, tables, carts and cabinets for the Medical industry.

4. Hospitality

5. Educational Institutions